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About Us

Mission – The mission of D & D Property Service is to bring about positive change within the communities we serve by creating and maintaining a clean, well-manicured and secure environment for tenants, residents and visitors. We will always put our clients first and ensure that they are satisfied through open communication and honesty. Our aim is to be a pillar in the communities we serve for years to come. We don’t just talk about change; WE ARE THE CHANGE!

Vision – To revitalize and restore properties, and to empower property managers as a one-stop-shop for landscaping, trash and junk removal, parking enforcement, and security services.

More than a service. A solution!

Never take the details for granted. Tenants notice and it always makes a difference. Let us show you what commitment to excellence in amenities can do for your property’s reputation and value. 


We provide a solution that removes the need for property managers to search for a la carte beautification, waste management, parking , and security services.


We do not see our services simply as offerings that contribute to our bottom line. Our ultimate goal is to create clean, safe environments to improve life for those in the communities we serve.


We hold ourselves to very high standards of organization, responsibility, and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. Our top ability is our availability!


We only provide solutions that we can perform thoroughly and to completion. It is how we ensure that we consistently add value to the properties we service.

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