Grounds Upkeep

The details matter and making sure your property looks immaculate is about more than a plush green landscape. We take care of the litter, damage caused by vandalism or accidents, pressure washing, even small rail and curbs painting. It makes a difference to tenants and helps your property stand out.

Litter removal

“Treasure. Never trashy.” That is the mantra we have for our clients’ properties. We take pride in making sure your grounds are litter-free.

Vandalism Cleanup

Whether through accidents or negligence, damage to your property happens from time to time. We can make it look like new!

Pressure Washing

Walkways and sidings get new life with our professional pressure washing. Let us add new life or maintain these areas of your property with this service!


60% of property appraisers said if they saw litter they would decrease the value of a property and 55% of realtors say they believe litter reduces a property value by 9%.

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