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Property Security

The goal of our security team is to bring peace of mind to the residents of the community, knowing that someone is watching over their families and property to keep them safe. The presence of a security officer is highly recommended as it keeps crime and vandalism at a minimum, deters illegal or unwanted guests from the property, and assures the residents of the community that their safety is a priority. 

Gate Security

A member of our security team will monitor the entrance gates of your property in order to eliminate illegal tailgating and other unwanted activities before they can take place in the community.


Our security staff also patrols the community to discourage guests or trespassers from lingering in the parking areas at night.

Engaging Law Enforcement

Our team is trained and equipped to handle situations professionally and effectively, however, if there are incidents that require law enforcement we encourage our team to escalate them immediately to local authorities.


According to the FBI, there are about 15,000 larceny thefts and 3,800 burglaries per day. In about 30% of those burglaries the tenant is home. 

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